Big Hill Lodge


At Storhöjden, we offer everything from new taste experiences to beautiful natural attractions. Here, you can experience the views that go on for miles from the Lookout Tower, or taste beer and wine in the company of good friends. Make sure to book a three-course dinner for a really magnificent experience.



At the top of Storhöjden reigns the 28-meter-tall Lookout Tower, which attracts locals, tourists, and explorers from all of Europe with its grand views. It was built by the historical association, Filipstads Gille, in 1934, and has been a natural gathering point for young and old ever since.

You can visit the tower all year round during our regular opening hours.


Price: 40 SEK / person. Children under the age of 7: 20 SEK / person. 


Book the Lookout Tower

Book an intimate, unique venue for a special occasion. For a small fee, you can book the tower and our original Tower Bar for a private event at request. Our Tower Bar has the permit to serve alcohol and is able to serve both hot and cold food. The Tower has standing room for 28 persons or 16 persons seated.


Booking fee, daytime on weekdays (11:00–15:00): 1,595 SEK


Booking fee, evening (18:00–23:00): 2,495 SEK 



Enjoy an evening of wine or beer tasting in the company of good friends in our warm and cosy atmosphere.


You are more than welcome to contact us to book a table, one of our experiences, or accommodations.

Simply fill out the form to the right and let us know what you wish to book.