Big Hill Lodge

Storhöjden is located in the scenic area of Värmland, and is a vital part of the history of Filipstad.

It has been the source of much joy for the village and all of its visitors for many, many years.
A place that continuous to develop

Already from the start, Storhöjden has been the focus of development, and the development continues to let more people experience this historical place. Many a child has gone exploring in the woods while the adults sat down for a coffee and a cake, and we hope that many more can enjoy lifelong memories from Storhöjden.

Our history — third time's the charm

For decades, the historic Storhöjden with its magnificent views has been a much-beloved destination for locals, tourists, and explorers from all over Europe. In January 2018, I, Calle Stjernlöf, was handed the keys to giving new life, for the third time, to "Hôjda", in true Stjernlöf spirit. You see, everything started almost 90 years ago…


Under the direction of Filipstad Gille, my grandfather, Karl Stjernlöf, built the 28-meter-tall lookout tower together with a few other local workers. This building would end up putting Storhöjden on the map. Thereafter, this became a natural gathering place for both young and old.

1982 – 1988

With a vision of bringing this popular tourist attraction back to life, my parents, dad Arne and mom Inger Stjernlöf, bought Storhöjden and the mansion, Bosjögården, in 1982. Under their direction, the building housed a restaurant and many festivities on the weekends until they sold the business in 1988. Just like my dad, I have wandered around these woods and the hills around Storhöjden since I was a child. What I didn't know back then, though, was that my skills at age 5 in serving up freshly brewed coffee to nice dinner guests would come in handy 35 years later…


1993 was a tragic year for Storhöjden. The old mansion Bosjögården was completely destroyed in a massive fire, leaving my dad Arne distraught.

1994 – 2000

However, my dad was firmly committed not to letting Storhöjden be closed down for good, and bought “The Burned Lot” (as he called it) back from the current owner. Then, dad shipped in two blue barracks that he got for a small price from a nearby golf court. These were then known as “The Coffee Cabin” among the locals and were an obvious destination for happy, hungry, and thirsty guests in the 90s. At the age of 15, I could happily brag about having the world's best summer job — cooking and serving up delicious waffles made from my mom Inger's secret recipe. These were skills that should be proven to be very handy two decades later!


When Storhöjden was put up for sale again shortly after my dad passed away in 2017, it felt like a sign. To honour my dad and his memory, it felt like the natural choice for me to follow his path and bring Storhöjden back to life. After a month of intense renovation of the old “Coffee Cabin”, we finally opened the doors to the Big Hill Lodge in February 2018. And like my dad Arne would have said: “Restaurant? Yeah, that's life!”

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